Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer
Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer
Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer

Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer

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This automatic hand sanitizer dispenser can spray delicately to achieve quick, simple hand hygiene. No need to wave your hand around, simply put your hand close to the automatic infrared sensor, it will detect your hand in 0.3s to spray certain liquid dose, scientific and reasonable, saving consumption.

Zero-contact soap dispenser can effectively prevent bacterial transmission and cross-contamination, sterilization effect than normal spray.


  • REFILLABLE with liquid soap or gel sanitizer - no bags or cartridges required!
  • No Touch Automatic Motion Sensor Activated Output
  • Drip Tray Prevents Messes
  • Lockable easy access top open unit with key and bungee strap
  • Light weight design
  • Batter or DC Power