Full Body Skin Care Moisturizer | Hand Cream | Foot Cream | For Dry Skin
Full Body Skin Care Moisturizer | Hand Cream | Foot Cream | For Dry Skin

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Skin Fitness Total Body Kit

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Head-to-toe skin care with the full set of SilvaClear Skin Care products.  Silva Clear Washes and Creams helps reduce blemish-causing bacteria and improve skin complexion, SilvaClear Hand Cream to soften and protect busy hands. SilvaClear Foot Cream helps to keep active feet clean and free from the discomfort of athletes' foot.

MicroSilver BG™ is a pure, natural anti-bacterial cleansing cream that attacks blemish causing bacteria and improves skin condition and complexion. The micro-sized particles of pure silver in SilvaClear provide an invisible germ resistance that lasts for hours on the surface of your skin. The MicroSilver BG™ particles continuously release silver ions that provide broad spectrum anti-microbial protection and boost your skin’s natural defences. SilvaClear skin care helps moisturize and improve the appearance of acne-prone skin.

SilvaClear skin care products are without any side-effects, free of animal testing and use ECOCERT certified MicroSilverBG™.

Directions vary depending on product.

Use SilvaClear Total Body Skin Care Kit as a daily part of a healthy skin regimen to reduce bacteria and soothe sore, irritated skin. SilvaClear with MicroSilverBG™ is perfectly suited for daily skin fitness and keeps your skin protected and bacteria free.  SilvaClear with MicroSilverBG™ boosts your skin’s natural defences and promotes healthy, problem-free skin fitness.