About SilvaClear Skin Care

The innovation in pure, healthy skin fitness.

SilvaClear Skin Care | Moisturizer | Hand Cream | Foot Cream for Dry Skin

SilvaClear with MicroSilver BG™ is the new, natural skin treatment for cleaner, healthier skin available for the first time in North America. The silver sensation of MicroSilver BG™, developed by BioEpiderm in Germany, is used in numerous leading cosmetic products and proven effective throughout the world. SilvaClear with MicroSilver BG™ boosts your skin’s natural defences and promotes healthy, problem-free skin fitness.

The use of silver has been known for centuries throughout the world. Drinking vessels lined with silver have been used since the time of the ancient Greeks, and the Chinese have utilized the healing powers of silver for more than 4,000 years. The application of silver in skin care has been rediscovered with the development of MicroSilver BG™: highly porous and micro-sized particles of pure silver. MicroSilver BG™ is the result of more than 15 years of research in Germany. Only this complex, patented process creates the pure micro-sized silver particles with a unique sponge-like surface structure that provides safe, long-lasting and natural cleansing action.