How SilvaClear Works

The innovation in pure, healthy skin fitness.

The anti-microbial action of SilvaClear comes from the pioneering manufacturing technology of MicroSilver BG™, the key active ingredient. In a patented vacuum process, highly porous micro-sized particles of pure elemental silver are formed, without the addition of any chemical substances.

The microsilver particles in SilvaClear remains invisibly on the surface of your skin and continuously release positively charged ions (AG+) which disrupt harmful bacteria in a variety of ways. The ions destabilize the bacterial structure, break down cell membranes, cut off enzymatic nutrients and rigorously prevent cell division so that the germs can no longer proliferate. On your skin however SilvaClear is free of side effects and, by its lasting presence on skin surfaces, it prevents new germs from re-colonizing. It acts as an extra protective layer and repulses germs like a second skin.



Silver ions bind to negatively charged parts in proteins. These parts are essential to the life-supporting functions of cells. By inactivation of these life-supporting functions the bacterial cells break down and die.