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Skin Care Foot Cream  | Moisturizer | Skin Care Product

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Skin Care Foot Cream

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SilvaClear Foot Skin Care Cream with MicroSilverBG™ is a pure, natural anti-microbial cream that helps reduce the onset of Athlete’s foot and helps the recovery of burning, itchy, scaly skin. When used regularly, the microsilver helps to inhibit the colonization of fungus and bacteria that cause Athlete’s foot. Flare-ups are reduced and controlled. The effective and long-lasting action of SilvaClear comes from the slow release of silver ions that disrupt bacterial and fungal growth.

Use SilvaClear Foot Skin Care Cream as a daily part of a healthy skin regimen to reduce bacteria and soothe sore, irritated feet. SilvaClear with MicroSilverBG™ is perfectly suited for daily skin fitness and keeps your feet comfortable and odor free. SilvaClear with MicroSilverBG™ boosts your skin’s natural defences and promotes healthy, problem-free skin fitness.

75ml/2.5 fl. oz. U.S. 

SilvaClear skin care products are without any side-effects, free of animal testing and use ECOCERT certified MicroSilverBG™.

Athletes foot, Atopic dermatitis, Cellulitis.

Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) is a fungal foot infection. Symptoms of Athlete’s foot include dry skin, itching, burning, and redness of the feet. Blistering, peeling, cracking of the skin, and even bleeding may occur. Despite its name however, Athlete’s foot can affect anyone and is not restricted to those who play sports or participate in physical exercise.

Apply evenly to feet after workouts and in the evening before bed.