MicroSilver BG™ Skin & Surface Spray

MicroSilver BG™ Skin & Surface Spray

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Spray to improve the long term hygiene of textiles, protection products and face masks.  Ideal for use on face masks. Inhibits >99,9% of bacterial germs even 7 days after application!


  • Acts antiviral and antimicrobial.
  • Can be sprayed on inside and outside of masks before and after use.
  • In contrast to alcohol products, long term effect via MicroSilver BG™.
  • Lab tests showed an antimicrobial effect on the textiles 7 and 14 days after spraying.
  • Binds unpleasant odors immediately.
  • Water based with pure MicroSilver BG™:
  • No alcohol or harsh disinfectant chemicals
  • Suitable for surfaces and textiles, such asbreathing masks, face masks, scarves,
  • work clothes.